APME, Greenlight Pitch, University

Greenlight Pitch

Story Idea 1

This film would be a 3D project with possibilities of 2D aspects for flashback moments of the film.

This idea is loosely based around dance and how prejudice it can be, my story would be based around a ballet dancer with some sort of difference about her, either her weight or religion which sets her apart from other dancers, but her abilities are as good as or in some cases better than her competitors, but she is still denied opportunities because of her difference. The story would follow her development within dance and then her disappointment as she is constantly rejected, although it would continue to show how she overcomes this by proving that she is a wonderful dancer and this eventually lands her the role she had auditioned for.

The majority of the film would be set in a theatre, but for multiple pourposes, for example, dance practise, auditions and for actual live performances.

Here is a mood-board of theaters with unique sets that I felt could be styles that I might want to incorporate into my film:


Below are some initial sketches I have for character designs:



Story Idea 2

This film would be a stop motion project, either completely stop motion or stop motion character animation with 3D backgrounds.

To start with, as I knew I wanted to look at stop-motion, I put together a moodboard of a variety of models that were made for stop-motion, most of these models were made with clay, moulds and liquid latex around the armature, so that these models are easy to move, but others were made with more unusual techniques, such as the models from Fantastic Mr Fox which were constructed with foam and then needle felted around to get the furry look for animals that they were trying to achieve.


So for this idea, I don’t have a full story as of yet but do I do have a main character concept and an idea of the world I want her to exist in:

fox _chrctr_pg_01.jpg

My main character would be a stylized fox cross human character who lives among other animal cross human characters, I know I want this character to look poor as apart of her story.

As a way of trying to figure out the rest of her story, I decided to develop the look of this character further:

fox _chrctr_pg_02.jpg

Story Idea 3

My third and final idea is a simplistic one but one with the aim to make it’s audience feel happy as the characters will in the end. This would be a 100% 3D project.

It follows a stern woman who has a high position in an office job, who is always very emotionless, cold and only has a life with her work. A new woman, physically and personality completely opposite of the stern woman, starts at the office as a lower position, something along the lines of a cleaner, coffee runner, the position isn’t important as long as it is a low one, as the stern woman doesn’t understand how someone can be so happy all the time when their job is lesser than hers, so she is rude to her and upsets her, when she realizes she has done so there is a pivotal moment in the film where they both see new sides of each other and start to get to know one another, the film will follow the growth of their friendship along with the changes it has on the stern character as she becomes softer, happier and more approachable because of how happy her friend makes her, the film will end with them realizing that they are in love with one another.

Below is a moodboard that I put together for ideas to help me with character designs and the setting of the film.


Below are my character designs for these two characters and a concept idea of the pivotal moment in the film:


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