APME, University

FMP Pitch


Below is the file I used to present the new concept for my final major project, It shows the other works that have inspired it as well as character designs and background designs:

Tha Hatch_Pitch_01

Story Outline

My film tells the story of a little girl who adores chickens and desperately wants her own so decides to try and hatch some for herself. This story is from my own personal experience of hatching eggs over the summer and from my love of chickens.

When I initially thought of this film I imagined the excitement of a little girl as she opened a box of eggs but the audience seeing this from inside of the egg box, once I drew this up I realised that it was extremely similar to that of toy story, this made me realise that the Toy Story franchise would be good films for me to look to as it follows the perspective of toys, therefore this is something I will look to quite a lot during this process.

Character designs that I looked at when thinking of designing my own include a lot from Disney, this is because they tend to have the general style that I’m aiming for, a sweet, likeable, happy character. Except for my design, I like the idea of her knowing herself quite well, in the sense that she knows what she likes and isn’t embarrassed of that, she’s proud of who she is and wears things that would reflect this, such as a super hero cape and a ballerina’s tutu, matched with wellies.

That brings me to the setting, I wanted this to work with my character, as a girl who is proud of her identity I thought this would be best brought out in a setting where it is less likely that society would suppress or guide her likes and dislikes, somewhere quiet and out of the way of the busy hustle and bustle of city life, my initial thoughts are quiet towns in Wales, Scotland or Ireland but this could also be somewhere like East Yorkshire. It doesn’t need to be specified within the film but I think by setting a destination my setting will come together better.

For my initial background designs I decided to play about with style, I liked the aesthetic of the backgrounds in ‘Mr Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’ so decided to try designs in that style, this could be a direction I take my film in but I know there’s still a lot of exploration to be done in order to find out how I’d like my film to look.

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