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week 1

I was unsure of what specifically I should be working on so I decided to work on some exploratory pieces of concept that might help me to expand on my current ideas or trigger new ones.

So I started by watching this video of Jordan’s;

Then trying to work in a similar way using similar techniques, I then played about with colouring and effects on top of these outcomes:


This actually led me to find an effect on Photoshop that I didn’t know existed, it takes the image and makes it look as if it was painted traditionally with oil pastels by adding a smoothness along with brush strokes over the image. This is something I’d like to test in future with finished renders to see how the effect would work with something like that, or perhaps how it would look on UV textures over characters.

I then tried another technique, where I started out with simple blobs and saw what I could develop them into, and ended up with these characters:


As much as I enjoyed the process of this and like the outcomes, they don’t add much to my project.

As  I got up one morning, earlier than usual and noticing the cold weather having an impact on the colours of the sky, I decided to take some pictures of the view outside of my window as upon seeing it, it sparked an idea.

I started by doing a paint-over of an image but adding chickens into the garden next door:


This image had sparked a plot development, I thought perhaps my character could be admiring the chickens in her neighbours garden which might be the reason she really wants to hatch some for herself. I also conceptualised a closer up shot of what the girl might be looking at:


Below is the beginning of a storyboard concept that was sparked by my paint-over:


I was also fortunate enough to be given a huge set of Photoshop brushes, so in trying them all out I did a quick concept of a cottage in the countryside-


In designing this I thought it could be in interesting shot as a daydream for the girl, perhaps she lives in a block of flats/ a very built up area and her dream is to live in the countryside surrounded by nature.

Another exercise I tried out was writing out the plot of my film, with alternations and exploring various options and directions for the film, one option that I thought up was the idea that the girl is gifted a gimmicky “chicken hatching” toy set for her birthday, that she decides to sneak store bought eggs into to try and hatch, in thinking up this idea I did a quick concept of part of the toy:


I feel that this would be accompanied by an “incubator” something that barely resembles an actual chicken incubator as it’s designed to be appealing to children rather than to be functional. Something I came across while exploring this idea was something quite similar to this idea:



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