APME, University

Week 2

This week has been a bit of a sticky one for me, inspiration wise, therefore I have mainly spent it experimenting within different mediums and techniques.

First, I bought various types of inks, including drawing ink, calligraphy ink and acrylic ink, I decided to combine different types of inks as I thought this would give me the best result for varying textures.

The first ink splat tests I did I decided to try working over character concepts with fine pen:


As much as I enjoyed completing this, I felt limited by only doing so using all traditional methods, therefore I decided to scan in my next works at a high resolution so that I could work over them in Photoshop:


below are the snippets that I took from these pieces before working over them:


and here are the paint-overs;


With these I was aiming to create background concepts, but with a couple I went for more of an abstract look, therefore to the next piece I decided to do the same, I just went with what shapes were in the pieces and followed them whichever way I felt would work.


Another exercise I completed included using a piece of concept work and develop a narrative based on that one image. I started with Cold Blue Nights by Efflam Mercier, and I started by creating short and to the point pieces which I would develop if I felt it had potential:

  • It is revealed to a young woman that she is a star, all of her life she felt like there was something more, her lifetime friend, her guardian tells her that she has a twin in the sky, the time has come and she needs her and she knows she can never return to her life on Earth should she decide to save the sky.

-Fantasy/ drama

  • A woman who is fed up with her everyday life, wakes up in a distorted world, she has no recollection of how she got here, where she is, or how to get back to her life, but she knows she regrets taking her life for granted.

-fantasy/ mystery

  • The world is dying, everyone knew it was coming but no one prepared for it, how could you? This story follows the ordinary life of one woman as it becomes extraordinary, family relationships are tested, as well as romantic ones and religion becomes a battle, but none of it really matters when nothing will be left soon enough.

-futuristic/ drama

The next piece I used was also by Efflam Mercier, Geometry of Transit.

  • A dwarf elf who has always believed to be one of a kind, a mistake, unheard of and totally alone realises that he was brought up on lies. Jonnland the elven creature was brought up by foul ogres, one night he sneaks out and escapes, He leaves to explore and find himself on a journey through the world that he thought he knew, but now he sees that he has a lot to learn, and to his surprise, the smallest of this world, are the strongest and discovers a lot more than he thought ever possible.

-Fantasy/ hero

  • Witchcraft has always been forbidden in this land, but evidence of its existence is all around, a world that overthrows its leaders in order to allow magic once more discovers why it was banned in the first place, and fixing the world that they destroyed in this process will not be a simple task, but it must be done.


  • A young hybrid elf/wizard soon realises he has a unique power that most wizards crave, the unique creation of any life from any object. Little does he realise that this power holds a danger to him for so many would wish to use him to their evil favour.

Next I used a worded prompt to stem some character concepts:

  • Most men die once, my father isn’t like most men.


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