APME, University

Week 3

Through these first few weeks, alongside the exploratory work I have been trying to produce some kind of storyboard, I have started a few but not completed these as when I do I can’t seem to make the shots feel like they work appropriately for the story I’m trying to tell.


I feel that I still need to solidify aspects of my story before tackling this as I believe the main issue here is that I don’t know enough of what I want to portray within this narrative.

As I’ve been enjoying the exploratory tests, I decided to continue them this week but also direct them more at my original project idea.

I started by doing some basic character designs that I plan to explore with further using more ink textures, and some of the abstract Photoshop features, here are the character designs before I experimented with them:


and below are some that I developed into designs using the colour schemes and a little of the textures from the ink scans:



Completing this process made me think about my character generally and that I want her to have compassion for animals and nature, I feel that she wouldn’t have developed this at such a young age. I initially aimed for her appear to be young, around the age of 5/6, although now I feel it’s more appropriate for her to be a little older, about 11/12.

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