APME, University

Week 4

As a way of first trying to develop my story, I decided to do some life drawing, starting with chickens, using my own cockerel pippin as my reference, images from both when he was just a few weeks old and images from just days ago:


Next I decided to do some from life:


Doing these, helped me to develop some more story ideas, which I decided to spend some time refining as story outlines, shown below:

  • Girl lives in the outskirts of the city, spends most of her time as apart of the busy city life, but doesn’t fit in with that life, she is given the gift of a toy incubator and toy eggs, she decides to put eggs from the kitchen into it to try and hatch them.


  • Young girl, lives on a farm with her dad, amongst chickens, cows, sheep, horses, ducks. Father dies so girl is forced to live with her mum in the city, girl took favourite chicken with her. Mother works a lot so girl spends all day in a flat with only her chicken for company.


  • A step-dad is struggling to understand his step-daughter but soon realises her love for country life so gives her the gift of a chicken, which she falls in love with, the film shows their relationship grow as he teaches her about chickens and as her bond with her chicken grows.


  • Film starts in a car/train,  showing the girl, sad in the back of the car/train, flashback to life on farm with her dad (paint-over and colour to show difference in past and present) girl and her mother (stern looking, uptight, busy with work) arrive at a flat in a busy city, they’re greeted by the girls stepfather, who the girl instantly rejects and barely acknowledges.


  • Young woman is evicted from her poultry farm, is forced to move to the city for basic job opportunity, (takes her favourite chicken with her) she works in an office job which drains her. One day during work she comes across a plea online to adopt some chickens who are in line to be killed, she decides to save them, then this leads to more and more chickens that need help, who she helps, her flat becomes overcrowded with chickens, she decides to open up a city chicken rescue. This could serve as an advert for the British Hen Welfare Trust.


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