APME, University

Week 5- Greenlight Pitch

This week I was approached by George Smith who asked if he could work with me on this project, as I’m unsure of where this project is leading I decided that combining both of our skillsets would be great, therefore the majority of this week has been spent discussing what we want the project to be and exploring different ideas and techniques together. We dappled in the idea of the project being a story about a woman wanting to learn about poultry who moves into university with her pet chicken and has the difficulty of a rude housemate who treats her cruelly, We also had the idea that perhaps she is someone who has been taken away from the poultry life (maybe from being evicted etc.) and lives a regular life with a pet chicken, and escapes this by starting her own chicken rescue, although among exploring these ideas we felt they didn’t really lead anywhere and took away from the charm of my initial story pitch.

First, to get some ideas flowing we played about with a couple of techniques, for example, using worded prompts, starting with existing lines, one line drawings etc.




I enjoyed this process and really felt that it helped me to get some creative ideas started in my head, we then went on to draw characters in theme with the film, playing about with crazy ideas such as the chicken having more character to it.


This sparked an idea for the film, that perhaps it’s a young girl who might be a little lonely, (maybe her parents work a lot) who has a great relationship with her pet chicken, and she brings home an injured animal she finds on her way home from school that she decides to help and rehabilitate. We discussed this idea and decided to try moving it forward and started working on rough storyboards for this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


At first glance, these don’t make much sense but we have noted what each shot is and plan to improve upon these. It’s only the introduction, but this was enough for us to figure out a direction for the film. Going forward we have a clearer idea and this week I feel has been extremely beneficial to the film in developing a stronger sense for what the final product will be.

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