APME, University

Week 8

This week I started by adding more frames to the storyboard we had started, I only got as far as introducing our characters when I realised that it was too long, so George compiled these together as an animatic so we could take a look at the timing of it.

after seeing it all timed out we had a long discussion regarding where we want our story to go, initially while doing these storyboards we were heading more towards the story of the girl and her chicken already having a close bond but this coming into question by another animal she finds, although establishing their strong relationship, putting it into question and resolving it all felt too much for our short film as we didn’t want it to become a story that felt rushed. This storyboard, as much as we will be discontinuing it, I feel helped us a lot in establishing our characters traits and personalities, and what direction the film would work better in.

After more discussions, more sketches and more rough storyboards we have decided that the film will take place in the rural countryside where a family has just moved into a large house that needs renovation, the young girl in the family is used to the city life and reflects this in the way she behaves and looks, she is also quite lonely due to her parents working a lot and having just moved away from all of her friends. To start with her clothes are left on the moving van that has already gone, so her mum goes to the local shops/ markets to buy her some new clothes, when she also passes a poultry market stall, eggs and chicken is being sold, as well as live chickens in cages, her mum decides to buy one as a companion for her daughter. When the mum presents the girl with her new chicken and country-style clothes, she rejects both. The film will follow the girl in her bedroom as she redecorates it as well as develops a strong connection to her chicken.

Below is a beginning sequence idea I have drawn up which I plan to develop.

And some more concepts I drew up of ideas I had envisioned and wanted to explore:

I also felt that as we’re going to be developing a connection with such an unusual choice of animal I should observe them a little more, I sketched my own chickens and also spent a little time looking up breeds of chicken that might come across as more characteristic.

One breed of chicken that I looked at that I feel could be something to consider when designing the chicken character was the Frizzle breed.

frizzle chicken

This is because they’re such a clumsy, goofy looking breed that I believe we could use to make it endearing to the audience.

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