APME, University

Week 9

This week has been a slow one for me, as you can probably tell from my posting this week later than usual. Unfortunately, it’s been a difficult week so work hasn’t been as much as usual. These things happen and I’ll persevere in the ongoing weeks to boost my output.

As our story is still lacking and it’s changing week by week, we decided that George would currently work primarily on the storyboarding with the ideas that we discussed as splitting a storyboard can just make it confusing for us both and complicate the narrative further. With that in mind, I worked on some more character concepts based on some of the ideas that we’ve recently discussed:

First some more general concepts of our girl character that show her preparing to decorate her room and warming up to the chicken.


Next, The idea that at the beginning perhaps there is a hint within the character that she likes the princess Rapunzel story, in the way that she wears a tiara and a princess dress, thus a hint at an explanation as to why she might like the idea of having a bedroom in the tower of the house, before the realisation that it isn’t what she expected it to be. But as the story develops and her love for the chicken grows she turns into more of a country girl with less of an obsession of being a princess.


Something else I wanted to look at was some asset design, with the idea that the girl is obsessed with chickens/country life by the end of the film and her bedroom becomes filled with things that reflect this, so I looked at children’s rucksacks and drew up some concepts of this that could work for the film:


With the narrative now being based on the idea that the girl learns to love the chicken while decorating her room I thought about how her room might look in the end as a completed room, so I started designing the type of bed a young exploratory child might have that also reflects the countryside:



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