FMP, MAJAN, University

The Hatch- Characters

Knowing what my film was going to be, I was eager to jump into production so I started with my character creation. Knowing that my girl character was going to be more time consuming and more complex I decided to start with her, this turned out to be even more challenging than I expected. I first made a simple block shape in Maya that resembled a basic body, then imported that as an obj into Zbrush.


When I’d got to this point I was happy with how my character was looking, but looking back on this now I am so glad that the feedback I received helped me to change this as it improved dramatically.

Initially upon feedback I struggled to find how I wanted my character to look so she went through a few changes:


Thankfully I carried on working on her features and style and this is how the finished sculpted character looks:


Next, the task that felt slightly avoided, after spending 7 weeks on my first character I found that creating the chick felt a little daunting. I had no idea what style it would follow and I didn’t have many concepts of my chick to reference back to, my main issue to begin with was aiming to make it too realistic in it’s form, it had no charm because of this, and then when I realised this I went the complete opposite way and tried something too stylised that didn’t match my girl character.


I drew up some more concepts, got some feedback and advice and slowly found a good balance for this character:


Character sculpting took me a long time, but this is one of the main focus’ of this film for me, I wanted them to have some charm and personality.

Next, I went about retopologising them ready for UV unwrapping and baking down the textures for projection.



I want to get a kick start on my backgrounds and environments so I’ll be putting my characters on hold for a while, I’ll come back to texturing them once they have been rigged by my rigger George Smith.

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