3DANI, University


For this unit, I decided to work on improving my character sculpting for animation. I started off by looking for a fun and unusual concept to base a character off of, I found this piece on ArtStation by someone called Jeorg Scholonies. When recreating this character I made some alterations which I felt worked well when transferring it from 2D to 3D. For example, I made his hat appear as if knitted.


For my next piece, I worked from my own rough concept sketch for an idea to make something look completely handmade. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed and felt I understood well, as I’ve always enjoyed making things by hand, be it sewing, needle felting or sculpting with clay. I also aimed to create this model for use in animation, therefore I added a rig and did a test idle animation which I think was successful because it brought life to my character.

For my final model, I decided to leap into something that felt daunting to me, which was to test my skills in realistic sculpting. My subject for this was my dad, who kindly sat still while I shined a torch into his eyes and bombarded him with hundreds of photos for my reference. Considering this was the first sculpt I’d ever attempted at a realism standard, I am really pleased with the outcome, although I did underestimate the difficulty of this task.

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