FMP, MAJAN, University

The Hatch – Polly & Pip

When it came to animation, I had already done all of the blocking, but everything needed tidying up into nicer animation. Shots 1- 13 were being done by me, and shots 14-16 were going to be done by Ben. When he got these shots back to me, unfortunately, the only complete shot was 16 so I ended up going over the shots and cleaning those up too.

I also decided to paint over the house for the exterior shot as there were things that needed adding such as the background and front door. I decided to do this in a stylised way as I didn’t feel that painting it in a realistic way would match the rest of my film.

There is a shot in the film that is from an upward angle to show the pet grave through the window. I made this by tying together small pieces of lolly sticks and scattering the fake grass I’d purchased in the same way in I did for the exterior shot, but I also added tiny broken up pieces of branches that I found along the beach.


I had also heard back from my brilliant musician, Jon Sims, with the music for this piece and so I put this over the updated version of the film.

The main jobs left now were the rendering and compositing, this was done by George Smith. He then passed this over to me in image sequences so I could edit this together with the music and sound effects to have my finished film.

With the editing, I had already set up the timing for the shots with the previs so it was mainly a case of updating those but also adding in the animated sky behind the window in most shots and the pet grave behind the window in one shot.

Unfortunately, there was a rendering issue with it not lining up in a certain shot, but I aim to fix this up before the London show. Other than that it turned out better than I was expecting in how the characters and the set come together.

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