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Week 10, 11,12 and the finale

For the final weeks of this project, I decided to not post weekly as it would be nicer to post all of the more finished pieces together. Unfortunately, in these last weeks George and I decided not to work together on this project after all as we both wanted different this for it, but working together for part of it has definitely been beneficial to the work as a whole.

Here is the presentation that I pitched for week 12.

the hatch 2.0

I decided that for this pitch I’d keep to the same theme as the first presentation that I pitched back in week 1 because the overall construct of my film hasn’t changed a huge amount, there has been development, but the main feature of it is still a girl hatching an egg. So again in this pitch, I spoke about how my own experiences of hatching a chicken was the influence of this idea. Then, I felt it was important to explain my choice of colour in this as I feel it will shape how the viewer is made to feel by the film. I then went on to show the designs created in the past weeks of the character and some assets, I also included house designs done by George that I felt were something I wanted to be expanding on in my own work as they are close to what I wanted for the film. I also used the same last image in this presentation as I had in the first presentation that I pitched except I’d played about with it to develop it with my new colour scheme.

To finish off the pitch I showed my newest animatic that I had at the time, shown below:

In this version of my animatic, I had decided to add in that the girl had just lost a pet, as I wanted to try and portray that in her finding and hatching this chicken, it helped her to move past her loss.

After the pitch and receiving some highly valued feedback I decided to work on the backgrounds, stripping it back to a more modest house, first I sketched out some simple house exteriors, some based on past reference and some just experimental.


Then, I took one that I felt worked well and decided to take it into photoshop and add a little more to it.

Then I went about taking away the outlines and refining it with texture.


I enjoyed making this piece so much that it ended up being a finished piece when I had no plans for it to, I’m really happy with how it turned out and I like the style that I found in it.

Completing this background also sparked an idea for me, seeing it in this stylized way, I envisioned it being handmade, so I decided to try doing so.

First I used what I had in terms of cardboard and tried to make the house, I drew it out flat trying to figure out how it would fit together and used hot glue to connect the pieces.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite correct in proportion to the original concept as it is a little taller and not as wide but I feel this could have partially been due to me not planning ahead properly and having enough cardboard to use, but if I was to do it again I’d know what to change, I could also try making it in Maya and unwrapping the UV’s, and printing them to use as a base.

Next, I made a tree, I used a polystyrene ball for the base of the top, again using hot glue, I added a long wire and then needle-felted around it with various colours and techniques to create the desired shape and effect of the tree. I also added a 1p piece to the base of the trunk to level it out so it can stand on its own.

I feel that the tree was more successful than the house in terms of it looking more as I planned and I’m happy with the outcome of this.

Next I took one of the images into photoshop and worked over it to see how it might look if I were to work on this further, for example, I thought about making tiles out of polymer clay and adding those on, but this, of course, would be quite time consuming so I wanted to test how it might look first.

Overall, I like the direction this is going in and I think this style is something that could really work well with my film so going forward when creating the establishing shot I might look at combining these techniques, perhaps making the house in Maya and then giving it these rougher, hand-made looking textures.

And finally, I updated my animatic after receiving feedback on my last one and overviewing what I thought of it myself after some time away from it, the story has changed slightly since but not dramatically. Something that needed work was showing the girl’s emotions more and I felt a better way to do this was to show her holding and treasuring a picture of her and her cat as she glances out of the window to reveal that it’s dead. The story now follows the simplicity of the chick helping her through this tough time.

In conclusion, I am pleased with how this project developed, it went through a time of changing completely but I stripped parts of it back and I found that what worked best was some of the simplicity from the first idea. Through this journey, I found that many of the experimental process’ I tried, helped this project develop in its style and that was something that helped me keep pushing it. If I were to revisit this project or start again completely something I would change is the way I went about creating the narrative, for a lot of the project I was blind in seeing that simplicity can work brilliantly so I spent a lot of time trying to over complicate the story and that’s why I struggled to develop storyboards and animatics, but as a whole I feel that going into production I have a solid set of pre-production work to base my film on and it should make production a straight-forward process.


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Art of, Showreel & Schedule

Here is the Artbook I have put together for the pre-production of The Hatch.

Here is the showreel I have put together for this project to showcase its development.

And here is the scheduling document I have put together to plan out how I will go about making this film during production.

scheduling document

I laid this out in a way that might seem intensive but I was aiming for it to work so that I can focus solely on each thing per week, rather than doing small parts of many different things as I work best when I can work on one thing solidly and give my full attention to that thing.

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Week 9

This week has been a slow one for me, as you can probably tell from my posting this week later than usual. Unfortunately, it’s been a difficult week so work hasn’t been as much as usual. These things happen and I’ll persevere in the ongoing weeks to boost my output.

As our story is still lacking and it’s changing week by week, we decided that George would currently work primarily on the storyboarding with the ideas that we discussed as splitting a storyboard can just make it confusing for us both and complicate the narrative further. With that in mind, I worked on some more character concepts based on some of the ideas that we’ve recently discussed:

First some more general concepts of our girl character that show her preparing to decorate her room and warming up to the chicken.


Next, The idea that at the beginning perhaps there is a hint within the character that she likes the princess Rapunzel story, in the way that she wears a tiara and a princess dress, thus a hint at an explanation as to why she might like the idea of having a bedroom in the tower of the house, before the realisation that it isn’t what she expected it to be. But as the story develops and her love for the chicken grows she turns into more of a country girl with less of an obsession of being a princess.


Something else I wanted to look at was some asset design, with the idea that the girl is obsessed with chickens/country life by the end of the film and her bedroom becomes filled with things that reflect this, so I looked at children’s rucksacks and drew up some concepts of this that could work for the film:


With the narrative now being based on the idea that the girl learns to love the chicken while decorating her room I thought about how her room might look in the end as a completed room, so I started designing the type of bed a young exploratory child might have that also reflects the countryside:



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Week 8

This week I started by adding more frames to the storyboard we had started, I only got as far as introducing our characters when I realised that it was too long, so George compiled these together as an animatic so we could take a look at the timing of it.

after seeing it all timed out we had a long discussion regarding where we want our story to go, initially while doing these storyboards we were heading more towards the story of the girl and her chicken already having a close bond but this coming into question by another animal she finds, although establishing their strong relationship, putting it into question and resolving it all felt too much for our short film as we didn’t want it to become a story that felt rushed. This storyboard, as much as we will be discontinuing it, I feel helped us a lot in establishing our characters traits and personalities, and what direction the film would work better in.

After more discussions, more sketches and more rough storyboards we have decided that the film will take place in the rural countryside where a family has just moved into a large house that needs renovation, the young girl in the family is used to the city life and reflects this in the way she behaves and looks, she is also quite lonely due to her parents working a lot and having just moved away from all of her friends. To start with her clothes are left on the moving van that has already gone, so her mum goes to the local shops/ markets to buy her some new clothes, when she also passes a poultry market stall, eggs and chicken is being sold, as well as live chickens in cages, her mum decides to buy one as a companion for her daughter. When the mum presents the girl with her new chicken and country-style clothes, she rejects both. The film will follow the girl in her bedroom as she redecorates it as well as develops a strong connection to her chicken.

Below is a beginning sequence idea I have drawn up which I plan to develop.

And some more concepts I drew up of ideas I had envisioned and wanted to explore:

I also felt that as we’re going to be developing a connection with such an unusual choice of animal I should observe them a little more, I sketched my own chickens and also spent a little time looking up breeds of chicken that might come across as more characteristic.

One breed of chicken that I looked at that I feel could be something to consider when designing the chicken character was the Frizzle breed.

frizzle chicken

This is because they’re such a clumsy, goofy looking breed that I believe we could use to make it endearing to the audience.

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Week 7

This week I decided to focus on Character designing, so I started by applying the new colour scheme to some of my favoured original character designs:


I then thought about good ways to finalise this, and as my project will be in 3D I felt that making a maquette would benefit this, I started by making a simply shaped character in Maya, then taking this into Zbrush to Sculpt over, having not used Zbrush properly before (I usually use Mudbox) I found this a challenge, but it’s definitely something I want to use when creating my characters and assets of my final film.

What I made in Maya:


The final sculpt maquette:


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week 6


Initially, at the beginning of this week, I drew out how I imaged a section of the film to be and did some more character designs which I felt weren’t leading anywhere…


I liked the concept (on the right) of her rescuing an injured animal as I feel I have figured out the pivotal moment of the film, this is the part that changes the whole dynamic of the film.

Whilst discussing ideas with my partner, we were talking about colour themes and he had the idea of trying out using autumnal colours, so he put together a moodboard:


and I used this to play about with character designs:


As I thought these character designs worked well with this colour scheme I decided to try them in potential shots:


This is definitely something I feel that is working with my project so will continue to develop this.

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Week 5- Greenlight Pitch

This week I was approached by George Smith who asked if he could work with me on this project, as I’m unsure of where this project is leading I decided that combining both of our skillsets would be great, therefore the majority of this week has been spent discussing what we want the project to be and exploring different ideas and techniques together. We dappled in the idea of the project being a story about a woman wanting to learn about poultry who moves into university with her pet chicken and has the difficulty of a rude housemate who treats her cruelly, We also had the idea that perhaps she is someone who has been taken away from the poultry life (maybe from being evicted etc.) and lives a regular life with a pet chicken, and escapes this by starting her own chicken rescue, although among exploring these ideas we felt they didn’t really lead anywhere and took away from the charm of my initial story pitch.

First, to get some ideas flowing we played about with a couple of techniques, for example, using worded prompts, starting with existing lines, one line drawings etc.




I enjoyed this process and really felt that it helped me to get some creative ideas started in my head, we then went on to draw characters in theme with the film, playing about with crazy ideas such as the chicken having more character to it.


This sparked an idea for the film, that perhaps it’s a young girl who might be a little lonely, (maybe her parents work a lot) who has a great relationship with her pet chicken, and she brings home an injured animal she finds on her way home from school that she decides to help and rehabilitate. We discussed this idea and decided to try moving it forward and started working on rough storyboards for this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


At first glance, these don’t make much sense but we have noted what each shot is and plan to improve upon these. It’s only the introduction, but this was enough for us to figure out a direction for the film. Going forward we have a clearer idea and this week I feel has been extremely beneficial to the film in developing a stronger sense for what the final product will be.